Music For TV, Film And Games

Music For TV, Film And GamesMusic for TV, film, games, websites, toys or whatever products that need music these days is a market that has exploded in the past several years. There are literally 100’s of websites that cater to producers and production companies who are finding that they need an increasingly large volume of music for TV productions. That can be sports music, music beds, TV ad music or royalty free production music.

There are now more TV channels and shows than ever being produced worldwide and they all need music. It may be the title tune or just some incidental music for a 20 second segment. This music needs to come from somewhere and the demand for quality inexpensive music is higher than ever. The budgets are seemingly smaller than ever.

We are not talking about the latest Spielberg here of course where the music budget is enough to employ a big time composer like James Horner or Danny Elfman. These huge gigs are rare and the big boys pretty much have them all sewn up,. What we are talking about is the other 95% of productions that do not have a big budget but still need high quality original music, but at an affordable price.

Even The Small Companies Are Huge

The online companies that provide much of this music for TV have become huge. Their libraries seem to have an unlimited choice for any producer to go online and search for what they want. This sounds idyllic but there are some problems associated with these vast library sites. Producers get lost and waste hours listening to music trying to find the right piece, and for most productions time is a luxury that they do not have.

This supposed embarrassment of riches has been pivotal in the emergence of a number of smaller boutique style music websites. While these smaller sites do not have the humungous catalogs of the bigger corporate sites, what they do have is a more personal touch. Something that producers in increasing numbers are finding far easier and a whole lot quicker to use. is one such boutique production music website. The music a producer needs is much easier to find because there is less filler material. Only quality tracks available for each genre. If you wanted action sports style music for instance then the site has only one collection to choose from. The music on each disk is composed and produced to the highest industry standards, it has to be, and will enhance any production no matter how grand.

This saves the one thing that no budget can buy, time! The producer can go online and audition the tracks on the disk and make their choice. They do not have to wade through 100’s of other untalented, so-called composer’s tracks before finding something that works.

The music can then be downloaded and ready for use within a few minutes. The production can stay on schedule.

Boutique Sites Are The Future for Music For TV, Film And Games

Boutique sites like are the way of the future for production music libraries. Some are genre specific and are experts in one or only a few styles of music, others have a wider range of music but only a few titles in each genre. This attention to detail and mom and pop style operation keeps the quality control high, and the experience for the busy production company quick and painless. These sites have to provide excellent service because every sale is important for their survival, so you are not just another customer, you may well be the only customer that day!

We listen and approve every track we sell. Do you think any of the bigger sites do that? Of course not.

The old way of the huge bloated production music sites that literally suck hours from the production day are fading, the new smaller high quality sites are gradually spreading and becoming better known. At the end of the day who does not like the personal touch when they buy something?

The Personal Touch

This fact becomes apparent when you have questions and your email is answered by the person who runs the site, this is very often the composer or producer of the music. Not an intern who knows nothing about the music, the sit,e or indeed the production music business. Many of the site owner/composers are even prepared to edit or mix down a different version of a track you need for an extra charge. Try asking for that on a corporate site, they do not even know the people who supply the tracks they sell!

The new wave of boutique sites are here to stay, save your production time and money by utilizing the quality and personal service they provide, go to for more details and some high quality music for TV.