Music Business Jobs

Music BusinessMusic Business jobs are harder to come by now more than ever, and for students graduating and coming into the market prospects are not good. Many will find that they can only get unpaid part time work, unfortunately this may well be their only chance of breaking into the music business and getting that elusive “real” job and moving up the ladder.

Most new graduates think that Los Angeles is the place to head for, and while there is still a lot going on over on the West Coast, Nashville is probably a better bet to start your music business career, although even there the competition is fierce and the decline in music sales has driven the opportunities down. Getting a job with a record label is almost impossible, the best way to break in is probably through publishing or management, but even these companies are looking within to fill any jobs that become available.

To give newcomers an idea of what to expect even if they do get a job, it seems from my research that if you are lucky you will get a part time job making less than $35000.00 a year, so do not go ordering a Ferrari just yet! In LA that will pay for one room in a shared apartment in a crumby neighborhood and just about enough food, but you also need a car and gas and insurance and everything else, so it is extremely tough unless you have parents who can help you out.

Many companies are taking advantage of the current job problems, and this means that there are a lot of unpaid internships at places like recording studios and start-up companies involved in markets like media, but the climb to something more permanent and paid can be a slow one.

If you really are set on a music business career then do not be discouraged by these findings, it has always been hard to break in, but it can be very rewarding if you do. If there really is nothing out there maybe try and start something yourself, everything from recording to getting on iTunes is available very cheaply these days, find your niche and see if you can break in, you never know.