James Bond Soundtrack Best Of Bond… James Bond 007

James Bond SoundtrackJames Bond soundtrack “Best Of Bond… James Bond 007 was a nice surprise for me over the holidays. Composing music for TV and Film means that I listen to a lot of music from movies and shows to try to keep an eye on what is current and what directors are looking for, as well as appreciating the past.

I am unashamedly a really big James Bond fan, and buying a good James Bond Soundtrack CD was in the back of my mind, but something I kept forgetting to do. I have older versions of this collection but I needed a newer updated version with the Pierce Brosnan and later James Bond music.

When I opened this collection that includes all of the James Bond songs except the last one I was excited to say the least, so what can I say about this disk?

We all know the style and most of the songs, the brass arrangements and sound on some of the tracks are just stunning, and to me the old 60s stuff sounds most classy with Diamonds Are Forever being one of my all time favorites. What stands out right across the CD is the vocal performances of the artists, they obviously picked some fantastic singers to begin with, and most of the producers got them to deliver.

If I look across all the tracks on this James Bond soundtrack, my personal favorites are the aforementioned Shirley Bassey and Diamonds Are Forever, Nancy Sinatra and You Only Live Twice, (although for the main riff rather than the song as a whole), Paul McCartney And Wings’ and Live and Let Die which is my favorite Bond Movie also, Gladys Knight and License to Kill, Tina Turner and Goldeneye, Duran Duran’s A View To A Kill has a great drum sound and I quite like the Aha song even though I am not a big fan of theirs.

There are some tracks that I listen to for reference rather than loving them, the Madonna track is about the worse one for me. They have heavily autotuned her voice to disguise it and to be honest it does not stand up against people like Knight or Turner who are truly great singers, they blow her away easily and her vocals are weak to say the least, and I am not anti Madonna, but this was obviously a “trying to be hip” choice rather than a quality one. For Your Eyes Only by Sheena Easton is another weak track for me, she has a whine like someone with a cold when she sings that I do not like but that is just my opinion, I am sure she has more fans than I do!

Do not let any of this negativity put you off of this collection though, it has so many high points rather than low, if you also include the James Bond Theme by John Barry (not the revamp on track 24, that is horrible, why???) it is really a fantastic lineup for any Bond fan or indeed any fan of quality songs, arrangements and singing.

While I do not like a few of the tracks, even they are not “bad” tracks, just not to my taste. The James Bond soundtrack The Best Of Bond… James Bond 007 is available unbelievably cheaply for what you get, it has been on in my car since Christmas, and while my family may be sick of it I may leave it in there for a few more weeks yet, highly recommended!