James Bond Songs And Scores – John Barry Dies aged 77

James Bond SongsJames Bond Songs and James Bond music are something most of us have heard and they always seem to conjure up just the right feel for the movies, the music really is written for the most part by master composers.

It is therefore unfortunate that I have to report the death of the man responsible for the best of the James Bond Soundtrack music, John Barry.

John Barry won 5 Oscars in almost 50 years of work, and writing the scores for many of the James Bond songs and soundtrack music is probably what he will be most remembered for, but he did so much more than that (as if that was not enough!).

Apart from James Bond Songs and Themes, John Barry also composed many other famous themes and music scores including Dances With Wolves, Out of Africa and Zulu to name but a few.

John Barry had talent by the bucket load and his music will be around for a long time to come, Music For TV thanks John for all the fantastic scores and themes he gave us.

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